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The leading company in comprehensive filtration & extraction systems.

The company propose wide range of products & services from consulting, production planning to delivery, assembling, support in handling equipment.

Nawara Serwis is the leading company in comprehensive filtration & extraction systems in wood and varnishing industries as well as in waste and recycling management systems. The company propose wide range of products & services from consulting, production planning to delivery, assembling, start-up, assistance and support in handling equipment, for over 12 years.

We aim for delivering complex solutions of natural environment protection by the well-qualified team, who share knowledge and experience at the highest level. Wide range of professional products and support services is the result of the market analysis and having clients any size: small, medium and bigger enterprises.

Excellent experience developed for many years, guarantee successful partnership with clients who can achieve business goals much easier.


The Floor Extraction System of Nawara is the best solution for grinding bigger sized elements. Innovative construction allows quick inspection with no trouble. Special air distribution system provides uniform dust extraction in each module on the working surface.

The modular structure of 1mx1m dimensions each helps to adapt the system to the manufacturing space smoothly. If the client works on many elements, special sections could be designed and implemented.

The Agat Paint-Fog Extraction Wall is the excellent solution for companies any size. Double filtering system contains cardboard filter, Paint-Stop, EU5 class non-woven. Comprehensive air noise silencer is the standard feature of the wall.

The ventilator with anti-explosion barrier is placed outside to extend safety and easy access. The Paint-Stop non-woven is placed on the special rack, which is the 100% contamination barrier and better protects the fan from damage.

The clever design allows adding the extensions & modifications easily, which gives benefits for dynamic growing companies.

Implementation of the Opal Grinding Downdraft Table allows create dust-free and clean work space, giving perfect satisfaction while using.

Opal table characterise ergonomic design with its height control. Trapeze work surface covered by felt and innovative circulation air system bring the most effective extraction. It is possible to connect the table to central air exhaustion or the precipitator.

Our table can be equipped with the control panel and the vacuum clamp which will keep the material you work on, safely.

Vacuum Stationary Filter of Nawara is the most advanced and modern solution for extraction and filtering dust & sawdust.

Thanks to the unique technology of the filter bag regeneration and by placing the ventilator on the “clean” side of the filter, the equipment can work 24/7 without need to turn it off. Ventilators placed on the clean side, with special high-efficient structure have much better efficiency, than traditional transport ventilators, so they can be cheaper in use.

This type of the filters is unmatched in its variety and productivity. Those machines could be used as over-pressure filters as well. The installation is adapted to current manufacturing needs. It has ATEX certificate.

The Over-Pressure Stationary Filter is characterised by wide range of use. Its structure reflects high level of the technology with keeping health & safety standards. It has ATEX certificate.

Correct implementation of the filtering system of Nawara avoids negative situations like miserable extraction, more power consumption, excessive filter cartridge use, wrong cleaned air that could be even dangerous for workers.

The Silo of Nawara is developed with attention to details alongside with certificates. Our silo could be modified and extended easily as well as dissemble & assemble in different place with reasonable price.

We can modify the silo to make some extra room under it. The silo does not require costly and complicated foundations. The product allows high quality storage of materials with safety standards like e.g. ATEX anti-explosion barriers, fire safety measures and inspection door.

Shredding of wood with the single shaft Shredder of Zerma ZWS. The life cycle of items made from wood and wood by-products is continuously decreasing. Old wood and wood related materials after use or resulting from wood production collect in large amounts and require processing of some sort.

The ZWS series single shaft shredder offers a economical method for realistic size reduction. Examples are a first stage for feeding a briquette production, for chips used in the heating industry, or processing for production of plywood sheets. Depending on the required capacity and material the ZWS shredder can be applied for specific and individual applications.

Briquetting Press for wood and other waste materials. Wood chips, shavings, sawdust, etc. occur in all workshops and industrial enterprises in the wood processing industry. Every day, enormous storage and transport costs are incurred as a result. These briquetting presses offer an ideal solution as briquettes, in contrast, save space and are easy to store and transport.

In addition, the risk of spontaneous combustion is greatly reduced. The briquetting presses do not require much space, are solidly built, and utilise low-maintenance technology. Whether wood, paper, biomass, foam or polystyrene, ZBP machines can briquette any suitable material. With throughput of up to 35- 130 kg/h, they are particularly suited to small and medium sized businesses. Can be installed in a wide variety of spaces as left-hand and right-hand models are available.

Paint Air Supply System is essential to sustain the right air condition in the paint shop. Having extraction systems will help clean your air, but it will not bring new air to the production hall. Paint Air Supply System solve this problem by efficient air distribution with excellent filters and heat features. Heating keep the right parameters required by paint manufacturers.

Our main task is design and develop professional air supply systems with the highest quality components. We put excellent inverters and automation for your safety, best control and comfort of use. The product have EU 5/6 class of the non-woven. Nawara product portfolio occur many other levels of filtration.

The best Filtering Materials make your extraction systems and other machines work smoothly.

We propose:

  • cardboard filters
  • cassette filters
  • Paint-Stop non-woven
  • pocket filters
  • filter mats
  • filter bags

Small, medium and bigger enterprises trust us for over 12 years.

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